Kendra McDonald Studios

"Kendra has been able to turn my daughter's love of piano into a passion! This has been done through encouraging her to make piano a commitment, to never forget to have fun, and to appreciate the artistry and soul of the music. I love to see my daughter light up on the keys and to see the joy she gets when she masters a song or learns something new. Kendra effortlessly makes you feel like family and this is no doubt going to be one of my daughter's favorite childhood memories. Thank you Kendra!"

Rebecca A, Hagerstown

"Kendra took me on as an adult student who had never played an instrument or even knew how to read music. Her patience is outmatched only by her many teaching strategies. No matter what my particular struggle with a song at the time might be, Kendra can always figure out a way for me to overcome that challenge or to explain a musical mystery in a way that I can grasp. For one recital, she even took the time to write an original arrangement of You Are My Sunshine, something that I could describe but could never have created myself. She gives each student that personal touch. I have been her student for 4 years now, and I highly recommend her as a piano teacher of both children and adults.”

Bethany C, Damascus

“I look forward to my piano lesson every week!  Kendra is very skilled and knowledgeable, but also very patient and understanding.  I feel very fortunate to have found her!”  

Laurie D, Mt. Airy

"My son (9) says Kendra is really funny and nice, and that she makes him practice until it's perfect.  He also says she does a nice job with the practice board. My daughter (10) says Kendra goes at her speed and pushes her to be better, and that Kendra picks good music for her.  They both like the prize box. I think Kendra does such a great job balancing being fun and silly while expecting a lot and pushing students to their full potential."

Arin G, Urbana

"We recently started lessons with Kendra for my five year old son, Jacob. She does a wonderful job of teaching the material in a fun and creative way that is also effective! She is so great with children and my son loves working with her! Kendra is very knowledgeable and Jacob has already learned so much. She also charges a very reasonable amount which is hard to come by these days. She is a gifted piano teacher and it’s a blessing that we found her!"

Michelle L, Frederick

"I appreciate how Kendra takes her time to get to know each student and their learning styles... and how she knows when they need a little push and when to give them a little extra time. My kids don't usually stick with activities for long but I truly think if they had anyone else teaching they would have given up already."

Christi M, Urbana